Short Stories

Short Stories #6

Working on down the contents page of my collection, When I Am Not Writing Poetry, we come to the sixth story in the collection, a collection of images or anecdotes,  ‘Totality’. This is a necessarily short introduction to a short exercise in writing. There are still 24 more stories to introduce, but we are moving along quite nicely in this month of short stories!

I saw this little collection within a collection as a series of ‘postcards’ – brief, almost pictorial, images of everyday happening. Not very exciting; not alarming; not perhaps even very interesting, but snapshots of life. Here is the first!

One day when I was young I was walking with my grandfather along a wide pavement on the hill leading to his house. We passed a young man who happened to have a blond beard.

If you ever grow one of those, I’ll disinherit you, my grandfather said to me.

I didn’t pay much attention at the time—for several reasons, mostly to do with age, it didn’t seem very important.

Twenty years later I had a beard. Ten years after that my grandfather died. And I remembered his words.

‘Totality’ can be found in When I Am Not Writing Poetry – available here or on Amazon.

By Chris

Poet and writer: I have travelled the world in the Merchant Navy, worked on the farm where I now live, and re-invented myself as an information scientist. Born in Sussex, I moved to Swansea and have lived in the same farm cottage in mid-Wales for almost 50 years.

I have two collections of poems in print, Mostly Welsh and the recent Book of the Spirit. Although initially entirely focussed on poetry, my writing has branched into short stories and my first full length work of fiction, The Dark Trilogy and the collection of short stories - When I Am Not Writing Poetry - are also available.

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