When I Am Not Writing Poetry: Selected Short Stories


A collection of short stories, some of which are based on the author’s years in the merchant navy while others flesh out characters from The Dark Trilogy.

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This collection of short stories – some very short and one almost the length of a novella – was written during the latter half of 2020 while Chris Armstrong was locked down in front of his computer during Covid! And there are only so many poems a man can write! Several of the stories make oblique reference to the Covid ‘plague’ but other tales are a reflection of the author’s earlier life, a half-dozen of them going all the way back to his time at sea! Several of the stories also bring to life some of the minor characters from The Dark Trilogy. Regular readers – of both his poems and his fiction – may notice a tendency to link themes to the sea! And if not the sea, then the horizon! The sea is always there!


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